Video: Learning Rolling Turns

Rolling turns are hard. I’m learning the most basic version: 90 degrees of turn and 1 full roll. And they’re kicking my ass.
I trimmed the takeoff/landing, and some of the longer repositioning turns and conversations with my critiquer/spotter, from two practice flights leaving about 26 minutes of real-time rolling turn video. Sped up 16x, with two normal speed examples as an intro. I counted (afterward) 62 rollers. On top of a hot, humid, day in the sun, I was a little wrung out. And they’re still kicking my ass.

Here’s what that practice session looks like from the ground. Not all that exciting. (Thanks  @horsemoney !)

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2019 James K. Polk Open Invitational Tournament of Champions

Here’s a late update on last fall’s IAC Chapter 11 contest, the James K. Polk Open Invitational Tournament of Champions. (yes, that’s our real new contest name. I love it! #absurdityFTW)

I was happy to make the contest at all (work and weather) and doubly happy to get my first win in Intermediate. 

Thanks, as always, to Julie Artz (Youtube: horsemoney) for coming out to play with us and sharing video.

Not my sharpest flight ever but it got the job done. I love flying the Unknown. We receive the sequence only a day before and are not allowed to practice it in the air. It’s a great cerebral challenge on top of all the other pieces that layer together for a well-scoring competition flight. Contest Results


2017 East Coast Aerobatic Contest wrap-up

We had catastrophically-perfect weather for this year’s installment of the East Coast Aerobatic Contest in Warrenton, VA (KHWY). It’s not lost on us this perfection while seemingly the rest of the hemisphere is reeling from the catastrophically bad weather.

I finished 2nd in Sportsman among a talented group. I’m happily surprised but did make satisfying improvements to my hammerheads during practice. I also got some good coaching on flying the Cuban Eight and that helped since it’s the highest-weighted figure in this years’ Known program.
Full results online in IAC’s contest database: 2017 East Coast Aerobatic Contest full results

Thanks, as always, to Julie Artz (Youtube: horsemoney) for coming out to play with us and sharing video. It’s always cool to see this relatively-solo pursuit from a fresh perspective. And it makes sharing with friends and family easy!
My second contest flight (of three). The judges liked it; scored 2nd out of 8.


This quick blurb about the contest appeared in the Fauquier Times Saturday. A picture of me from earlier in the week was conveniently available courtesy of the airport management and got included. Image credit: Alex Hrapunov
Look up! East Coast Aerobatic Contest takes flight at Warrenton-Fauquier Airport

I posted a few pre-contest pics on Instagram.


Much fun was had, including a sunset formation flight with Pete Muntean in the Super Decathlon (with Amy Wolfgang taking pictures and video, thanks Amy!) and Mark Meredith in his Super Chipmunk.


These two shots courtesy of Alex Hrapunov –
Thanks for coming out Alex! We appreciate all the time you spent with us and that you’re willing to share your great images.

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