13 mile run with T&M

This was a good run. We used the B&A again because it’s brainless; easy to plan, easy to execute. And it was fast! I’m sure this is the fastest long run I’ve managed. 9:37/mile! Yeehaa. I was feeling pressed the last two miles but it was completely manageable.

The fuelbelt is working well. I’m satisfied with the Hammer HEED and Perpetuem combo. It only has three bottles totalling 21 ounces though, so I think I’m a little behind the overall hydration curve. Have to work on that. Self-supported long runs will require some planning. I’m sure the marathon will have plenty of liquids on-course so no worries there.

The pictures were challenging, and fortunately comical, this time so I’m posting them all. (At least we enjoy it.)

Whoa. Let's try again without the acid.

Mackenzie going with the blinky look

Eyes wide open. And did my arm get longer?

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