Elkridge run with Larry

…or “My longest run ever”

This is officially the longest run I’ve ever done. (I promise not to keep saying that for every new long run I do from now until April 9th. That would get boring and repetitive and generally go against my practice of being exciting and original.) My longest run to date had been the half-marathon at the end of the Eagleman Ironman 70.3 triathlon. And for those of you paying attention, I walked almost half of that. So my longest sustained run to date was the 12 mile training run leading up to that tri. Yay me.

I met Larry at his house and we started from there. He only had 6.5 on the docket for the day, having done his long run yesterday, and had a good loop in mind. We chatted for the first loop and generally enjoyed catching up. Back at his house he peeled off and I did another loop. It was a little challenging with no sidewalks and road shoulders full of snow banks but the traffic was light and courteous.

It felt good. It’s the first long run I’ve done without my training buddies, my good friend Tim and his daughter Mackenzie, and I look forward to running with them again in two weeks. (I’m traveling for work next weekend so will have to really run on my own for the first time. 14 miles somewhere in Manhattan. Anyone know a good route in the park?)

Garmin data is here. (I was getting bogus heart rate data most of the run. I think that means there’s something wrong with my chest strap transmitter or the Garmin unit itself…hopefully not something wrong with my heart. I’m not that good an athlete.)

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