I’ve started my Eagleman training

Eagleman is a great 70.3 event put on by the Columbia Triathlon Association in Cambridge, MD every June. I volunteered last year and came away terribly inspired…as I always tend to be any time I’m around these events and the people who populate them. So I signed up. Ha! (I’ve only done two other tris: Lums Pond Sprint two years ago and Columbia Oly last year.)

Ok, technically I “started” training a month ago but it’s been a rocky road. Between illness, record snowfall, and travel my schedule has been a mess.

BUT NOW, I’m totally on track. We have a cheap treadmill, cheaper cycle trainer and core ball in the basement plus I’m doing a great “tri” masters swim course that is really kicking my ass. That all bodes well for not injuring or embarrassing myself in June. I have to face the truth that my ego puts ‘don’t embarrass myself’ a very close third on my list of goals. (‘Finish’ is number one and ‘don’t injure myself’ is number two.)

I’ve known for a while that, for me, ‘fear of embarrassment’ is a stronger motivator than any other. ‘Live a long healthy life’ is way too long-term and abstract to get me out of bed.

Hard to run or ride in this.

Hard to run or ride in this.

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