Video: Learning Rolling Turns

Rolling turns are hard. I’m learning the most basic version: 90 degrees of turn and 1 full roll. And they’re kicking my ass.
I trimmed the takeoff/landing, and some of the longer repositioning turns and conversations with my critiquer/spotter, from two practice flights leaving about 26 minutes of real-time rolling turn video. Sped up 16x, with two normal speed examples as an intro. I counted (afterward) 62 rollers. On top of a hot, humid, day in the sun, I was a little wrung out. And they’re still kicking my ass.

Here’s what that practice session looks like from the ground. Not all that exciting. (Thanks  @horsemoney !)

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2 Responses to Video: Learning Rolling Turns

  1. Jeff Boatright says:

    I don’t know — they look good to me! But just watching them made me dizzy. 😉

    Say hey to Bill for me!


  2. Glen Becker says:

    Jeff! Great to hear from you. I hope you and yours are healthy and happy! It was a lot of rolls and I slept well that night! I’ll say hi to Bill.

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